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Wedding & branding photography that celebrates your authenticity with an editorial touch 

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Photography that                            
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There are 7.67 billion people in this world but there is no one quite like you. That’s worth celebrating — unapologetically. So let’s pop some bottles, dress up or dress down, dance a little, laugh a lot, and refuse to dull our shine — all while capturing the essence of your individuality with fearless artistry and daring style. 

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being yourself never looked so good

capturing you,
in the  moment

Photography that inspires you to be unapologetically yourself


For your big ideas, wildest dreams, and creative ambitions. Collaborating with brands and business owners to create trend-setting, eye-catching art in the name of being a boss.

Celebrate the soul that sets your heart on fire. Couples and wedding photography that tells your story — boldly, fearlessly, and faithfully — because inspired art and true love are one and the same.


photographing your love as art

photographing your brand as art

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I believe individuality is the art inherent to our lives. Meaning, this: you are my muse. Yes, you — the only you there is. The ruling intention behind my work is to create a space where you are free to let loose and celebrate all that you are. Let’s have unapologetic fun, get those good vibes flowing, and dare to celebrate the striking beauty that exists within. You know the one — the non-conforming / inspired / fearless / fierce / raging beauty you were born with. Trust me when I say: you are glowing from the inside out. I’m here to bask in the bold light that is yours and yours only – so let’s get down with it, spotlight it, toast to it, be ourselves and feel great about it.

Rebel Heart

Good times, good vibes, good company. Why are life’s best moments also the most fleeting? Wild fun — the kind that finds you in the moment, totally present, totally yourself — should be remembered like it felt and I'm here to make that happen. I love photographing weddings because they are luxurious chaos embodied -- like taking selfies in the bathroom at the Met Gala. Whatever, wherever your idea of an iconic good time is, I'm here to tell that story. Let's make a forever memory of this season of life, this passing moment in time, and let's do it in style.


I am a girl madly inspired by all things artistically striking in life and my approach to photography is a culmination of the things that excite me -- from my favorite music artists, and fashion houses, to romance novels and swoon-worthy movies that transport you into a different world. That, along with my years of experience behind the camera lit the passion in me for directing, composition, and overseeing every detail in a frame. My current shooting style is a reflection of that attention-to-detail / art-imitates-life style of photographing a subject, or in other words, the one-of-a-kind you. Your essence and the things YOU love are my main inspiration, meaning I work to showcase your individuality with a trained eye and a little dash of artistic experimentation along the way.


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Hey, I'm Allie and I cannot wait to tell your story.


Allie is a creative genius. If you’ve seen her work by now, you’ll know that’s true. All of Allie’s photos are visually striking and you can see how she applies an artistic style to every photoshoot. Allie is also an absolute pleasure to work with. It is her personal mission to deeply understand what you want in order to create a vision with you and deliver it. What’s special about Allie is that she likes to ideate on the spot a bit. She might push you to venture just a little out of your comfort zone (with your permission), and if you trust this part of her creative process, I can promise you’ll be ecstatic about the result. And you might even learn a thing or two about yourself in the process. You’ll review your photos for years to come and find new “breadcrumbs” every time. If you want memorable, stunning photographs with a style and vision that is tailored exactly to you, hire her!”

Jessica C

Janie G

"Give her a little bit of inspiration and she runs with it and knocks it out of the park.

Allie is the best, most patient, understanding, supportive, creative, positive, and energetic professional you could ever ask to work with. She is warm, kind, thoughtful and loses herself in making your project the best it can be. There's no one I'd rather work with."


Simply put, Allie is one of the best photographers in the game. Working with her is one of the loveliest and most meaningful experiences you could dream up. The images are stunning. The experience is wildly fun (and not one bit awkward). You will walk away with photos so lovely that you’ll wonder why you didn’t book sooner and you’ll be plotting what you should have her shoot next. Allie’s most formidable strength is that no matter the scenario, she makes her subjects feel comfortable as hell. Not to mention, her hype game is out of this world – you will leave your session feeling like a rockstar goddess because Allie has spent the last hour telling you how amazing you look, all while capturing shots, angles, details and effects you didn’t even know you were capable of. She directs with simple, easy-to-follow cues and takes the time to listen if you have ideas or trepidation. Seriously. Book. Her."

Haley n


I have been working with Allie for a while now and every single experience tops the last in all the best ways possible. She is easily my most favorite photographer to work with in the Seattle area for many reasons. Allie has such a great energy and is so empowering to be around that working with her becomes so effortless and fun. I have worked with her on many different projects for my floral design and not only are her photos and creative eye spot on, but her personality and contagious energy make the entire experience hard to beat. As a business person myself, I also really appreciate her level of professionalism each time I am working with her. I recommend working with Allie any day of the week!"



Working with Allie was a wonderful experience from the start. She is extremely personable and has an infectious energy. Immediately, I felt comfortable with her which is so important to capturing intimate and real moments. We shared ideas with timely and friendly communication and Allie planned a session that fit us perfectly. You can recite your love story to allow others to understand the intimacy you have for someone but Allie is able to capture it in photographs you can cherish forever. Allie has a way of finding and capturing the perfect angle, lighting, and shot. I didn’t even know she was behind some of the trees she shot from until I saw the photos after. I would never hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants a true professional to create a customized photography experience that they will cherish forever. "

Erin & James

"Allie was amazing in our elopement session.

She was great on making us feel comfortable and relaxed, she was open with our suggestions and was able to capture so many beautiful candid moments! Every time I see our pictures I feel like it takes me back to that beautiful moment!

She did an amazing job capturing our vibe as a couple and got beautiful pics with our families as well.

I will 100% recommend her services!"

Anyith S

"We first got in contact with Allie for our wedding elopement in Seattle and my goodness her style and artistry is just remarkable!!

She absolutely crushed it and worked with us through every step and timeline planning for shooting at various locations at our ceremony, hotel, and dinner locations. A lot to juggle and she made it look so easy. She was able to capture the special city of ours that was so important to us as a couple and really captured our intimate elopement in a way that that intimacy radiated through her photographs."

Emily H

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